Our Infection Covid-19 protection concept

Infection protection concept ACTIFIT updated per 19.04.2021

The ACTIFIT protection concept is based on the official guidelines of the Swiss Fitness- and health centre association SFGV:

Together we make the ACTIFIT a safe training location

We can ensure compliance with the distance rule and the capacity restriction by means of our "Check In". Respect for each other and compliance with the rules of conduct must have priority during the training and we ask that you follow our instructions. We are at your disposal should you have any questions.

Mask requirement

There is a general requirement to wear a mask throughout the ACTIFIT.

Exceptions to the mask requirement

  • During cardio training: The high ceiling and modern ventilation guarantee a permanent xfold air exchange per hour (aerosol-reducing). In addition, protective walls were installed between the cardio equipment (spit protection)
  • In the showers

Further important measures

  • Customers with any symptoms of illness are strictly asked to stay at home and only show up for training once they are healthy again
  • Employees and customers keep a distance of 1.5 m from one another at all times
  • Everyone cleans and disinfects their hands regularly. Shaking hands is to be avoided
  • Keep hands off your face; Do not touch your mouth, nose or eyes
  • When coughing or sneezing, always use a tissue or use the crook of your arm
  • Use disposable handkerchiefs and dispose of them in closed bins after use
  • Customers clean the cardio and strength training equipment independently after use with the designated disinfecting materials provided by us. If desired, devices can also be disinfected before use
  • The sauna area must remain closed until further notice


Thank you for your help and your solidarity.